Email to Existing Customer For a New Offer

Email to Existing Customer For a New Offer


I/we wanted to give advance notice of something special that is going to make a significant difference to your ……….

One of the biggest challenges people face is ……….. (list problem/need).

The (product/service) addresses this by (list how it solves problems).

You can expect to pay XX for this type of ZZ and our normal price will be XX.

But I mean what I say when I tell you that I value your custom so I want to offer this to you at the special price/rate of xxxxxx.

This offer is available for 48 hours. Please call me on xxxxx or you can also order online at xxxxx and I look forward to helping you (list benefit).

Yours etc

This is a simple, straightforward email that gets to the point, makes an explicit offer and has a call to action. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you email communications need to be complicated. Simplicity is power.