Steal Our Copy – Letter to Customers offering New Product

letter to customers offering new product

Use your emails to give people advance news on new product/service launches. Make the members of your list feel special.

We know that one of the biggest challenges you face is writing the words for your website, brochures, letters, emails etc. Copy writing is a rare skill. So we’ve come up with the perfect solution.

We are going to write your copy for you!

You might be wondering how we can do this for your specific business. Well, one of the secrets of the great copy writers is that the words and phrases that work, are equally effective across all businesses. Why? Because whatever you are selling, you are trying to influence another person to take action. The words and phrases you can use to do this are applicable to all of your businesses.

So we want you to steal our copy! You have out permission to take the copy that follows and use exactly as you please. You can use it word for word or adapt it as you see fit. Obviously you’ll also need to fill in the blanks for your particular business.

Letter Template


As you know, we/I are/am always looking to provide you with the finest/best/most useful/ cost effective solutions for your XYZ.

As a highly valued customer, I wanted to let you know / give you advance notice of a great/ remarkable / very low cost XYZ which I know you will find (describe the benefit)

The XYZ is a remarkable innovation/breakthrough in XYZ


The XYZ offers you the best XYZ I am aware of to (Benefit: EG reduce your XYZ costs by up to 30% or clean your carpet in half the time it normally takes etc)

The feedback we have had on the (product name) has been remarkable. Despite its low cost (include if appropriate) the XYZ represents a real breakthrough in XYZ or is going to make your life easier/save you money in the following ways.

(At this point in the letter, list 4 or 5 bullet points that explicitly convey the benefits of what you are offering. This is great for the reader. It’s also great for you because it forces you to get clear on the main benefits that your product offers. Notice that we are continually using the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ because it ensures that the letter is a very personal communication to the person reading it. Here are five example bullet points for a new carpet cleaner:)

  • Your carpets will be 50% cleaner
  • The time it takes to clean your carpets will be reduced by a third
  • You will own the quietest carpet cleaner in the world
  • The exclusive XYZ nozzle means you can reach into hidden corners, reaching the dirt and grime that’s usually impossible to remove
  • You will own a cleaner with all the benefits of a thousand pound cleaner – but for half the price
  • Best of all, as a valued customer I would like to invite you to try out the XYZ for Free! Let me deliver it to you so that you can use it for 30 days and experience for yourself the difference this will make to your life/work. At the end of your Free month, if it’s not the greatest XYZ you have ever experienced, I’ll come and collect it and you wont pay a penny.

To arrange for your Free trial, please call xxxxx or email me at xxxxxxx and if you have any questions about the xyz, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours etc

PS Call me today and your XYZ to try out for Free will be with you within 24 hours.

(Note on PS: It’s generally good to include a ‘PS’, because the first thing people read when they scan a letter is the opening line and then the PS. So if people may not read all of your letter, the ‘PS’ gives you a chance to quickly get your main message across. The exception would be letters to customers where you have a very strong relationship – and a ‘PS’ may not be necessary)