Steal Our Copy – Letter to Customers offering a Service

Letter to Customers Offering Service

Here we use the example of a dentist – but you can apply these principles and steal our copy for any new service that you want to offer your existing customers.

Letter Template


As you know, I am always looking for the latest, leading edge applications to give you the best dental service and the finest set of teeth you can imagine.

As a highly valued customer, I wanted to give you advance notice of a remarkable breakthrough that I thought you would want to hear about.

This important development offers you the opportunity to have your teeth look whiter than you may have thought possible – at a very low price.

The XYZ teeth whitening system takes just one hour. It’s easy, comfortable and has the potential to transform how your teeth look.

As one of my best patients, I am giving you access to the XYZ system at a very special introductory price. Your one hour session will cost you just XX but it will give you an impressive smile that will last for months.

(At this point in the letter, list 4 or 5 bullet points that explicitly convey the benefits of what you are offering. This is great for the reader. It’s also great for you because it forces you to get clear on the main benefits that your product offers. Notice that we continually use the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ because it ensures that the letter is a very personal communication to the person reading it. Here are five example bullet points for your teeth whitening system.)

When you book your appointment, you will

  • Experience the world’s leading teeth whitening system
  • Have your teeth become up to 80% whiter in just one hour
  • Have a smile that will dazzle the people you know and impress the ones you don’t!
  • Create a smile that research says can knock years off your age
  • Be surprised at how comfortable and easy this new system is
  • As a valued client I am offering your teeth whitening system at a special 20% reduction, which means that we can whiten your teeth for just XXXX. Please call my office on XXXXX and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me personally at XXXX

Yours etc

PS I have seen many whitening systems but I am truly impressed at the XYZ. If you would like to find out more about how you can get a dazzling smile in less than an hour, please call us on xxxx