The ‘Honest’ Approach to getting new Customers/Clients

The Honest Approach to getting new Customers/Clients

This upfront approach to getting new customers/clients cuts through the normal sales pitch and gets straight to the point. It can be very effective.

Letter Template


I have a problem.

I want you as a client. I believe that my expertise and experience and my unique approach to XXXXX will make me an invaluable part of your XXX team. To be honest, it troubles me slightly that in my two decades as an expert in my field, I have not been used by a firm as prestigious as yours.

But here’s the problem.

As you know, in our profession it is not deemed ‘appropriate’ for a (Occupation) to overtly sell themselves. So it may be frowned upon for me to write you a long letter, listing my impeccable credentials, my superb track record and my unrelenting focus on making your working life easier.

Yet if I fail to show you how the benefits of us working together, I will have failed in my duty of providing you with outstanding client service and the highest XXX expertise.

So I have a solution to our problem.

I would like to schedule a brief meeting with you at your offices during which time I can ask you some questions to establish your precise needs in the area of XXXX. I would also be interested to hear the biggest challenges you face in this area, as I believe that you will find my commitment to helping you solve some of these problems somewhat refreshing.

If you feel there is a match between your needs and the service that I provide, I hope that this will be the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Perhaps you could let me know when would be a convenient time to meet. You can contact me at etc etc

I look forward to meeting you..

Yours sincerely

(This letter is so unique and powerful, a ‘PS’ is not necessary)