Contact Form

A contact form allows your customers to do exactly what it suggests – contact you.

Some premium themes include this functionality as standard and if they do we’ll happily set it up for free. If you require one adding to a non-premium theme or adding in later then this is your add-on.

Contact Form

The functionality of your form depends largely on what software we use to provide it. The most advanced allow conditional logic, e.g. only display a box for the address if the user has selected the ‘send invoice by mail’ option. Most will send responses to your chosen email but there are possibles for including other options like auto subscribing to a newsletter mailing lists such as Mailchimp. The possibilities are endless so get in touch and we’ll happily discuss your options.

Our web build packages all assume that you will be providing your own content including images and copy. If you haven’t or don’t want to set up your own website copy or you aren’t ready with the visual aspects of your site then check out our copywriting and graphic design services where we can get you up and running with awesome content and a killer logo as well as images and video.

Contact Form COST: £50
Add a contact or newsletter subscription form.