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Need to leave your mark on the web? You’ve come to the right place! Creative Engine Room specialises in original website design – a website designed just for you and your business. Just the site you need, and not the stuff you don’t. You’ll get personal service and a final website that you’ll be proud of.

We specialise in clean, responsive, standards compliant websites with a focus on simplicity, usability & accessibility.

Website Design

We’ll walk you through the entire process of getting a website up and running. Our goal is to make this process as easy on you as possible. From domain name registration to final launch – and then into the site maintenance phase, you’ll have someone by your side to help you through it all.

Don’t be overwhelmed – learn about the entire process, step by step, then call for a conversation about your needs and a quote – or fill out the contact form and we’ll call you.

Our website design always includes:

  • Help with domain name registration. Your domain name is always registered in YOUR name.
  • At least three (3) original design ideas to choose from. We make adjustments and revisions from the design you choose.
  • Hosting setup. We’ll set up and pre-pay the first year of hosting for you.
  • Email setup ( for all of your email accounts.
  • A contact page with an email form handler.
  • Search engine optimisation. This includes things like meta tags, page keywords, descriptions, alt tags and title tags to give you the best search rankings possible.
  • Search engine submittals.
  • Favicon.ico, robots.txt, sitemap.xml files. The things that search engines like!
  • Inclusion in Google’s ‘Webmaster Tools’.
  • Training for any data-driven areas.
  • A CD-copy of your site files.
  • A Website Owner’s Manual with all of your hosting information, logins, passwords and FTP information.
  • One month of updates and revisions for FREE.

Existing Site Re-design or Tune-up

If your website was designed more than 2 years ago, it may be time for a tune-up. Over time, a website that is not well maintained can develop problems like broken links, design and appearance inconsistencies, information that is hard to find, or even scripts and functions that don’t work with the latest browsers.

If your website was designed more than 4 years ago, it may be looking dated. Features that were cool and cutting edge several years ago may be tired and worn out by now. Remember animated gifs and crazy repeating backgrounds? How about scrolling or blinking text? And heaven forbid, crap that chases your mouse around the screen… It was probably high-tech when you first launched it, but now it just says ‘tired’.

A website re-design or tune-up can usually be accomplished for much less money than a complete re-do. That’s because you already have the site content. You already have at least some of the photos and images you want to use. You already have a site structure – even if these things may need some refinement.

Let’s talk about it. Tell us what you like and don’t like about your website. Tell us what new things you want your website to do for you. We can give your site a professional review and give you a report of our findings. We can talk about new ways to communicate your message online and/or new technologies that will help accomplish your goals.

A preliminary review (up to one hour) with a phone report is free. A more in-depth review and written report, with a detailed cost estimate to bring your site back to life, is billed at our standard hourly rate. Visit the rates page for more detailed information.

Site Maintenance

Tired of trying to keep up with your website updates yourself? Have you fallen out of love with your current provider? (sigh… it happens…) We can help. If you need someone to take care of the regular maintenance on your existing website, just contact us. You don’t need to change hosting providers or transfer your domain name. Just change designers!

With a little information about your existing website setup and a login or two, we can be helping with your updates and changes in no time. We may even find some things that can improve your site in other ways. Let’s talk about it! Take the frustration out of doing it yourself.

Web site maintenance is billed at our standard hourly rate, however, unlike other web designers, you won’t be billed until you have actually used an hour of our time. If you need a little text change that takes 5 minutes, you won’t be invoiced until we have made 12 of those types of changes. There are no one hour minimums or other hidden fees. Visit the rates page for more detailed information.

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